Hi! I am a research-driven UX designer

with a focus on human-centered design.

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1.0 WORK

Establishing a form of communication between caregiver and infant born with Deafblindness can be challenging and therefore informational and emotional support from centers, organizations, and communities exist. However, there is a lack of support in the form of tangible Internet of Things devices that can support the fluency and social interaction in communication when physical contact is impossible
The purpose of this design project is to propose qualities in communication as design recommendations for developing assistive communication devices for infants with Deafblindness.

UX research, UX design, Internet of Things, communication technology

Sensus- future communication

Earlier research found that just one hour of screen time can lead to children and adolescents experiencing decreased curiosity and lower emotional stability. Now imagine a world where a whole generation has forgotten how to express and interpret/ understand other people's emotions. 

The purpose of this design project is to imagine future scenarios through a speculative design process, to explore other forms of non-verbal communication. The wearable vest, Sensus, is created to enhance inter-human somatic communication through breathing and is not a product for today, but could be in the future.

UX research, speculative design, communication technology

Frame of mind

Assistive devices today that maintain or improve an individual’s autonomy can be stigmatizing. Their durable and functional design enhances the feeling of one´s disability, rather than appearing as universal design for home use.

The purpose of this design project is to propose a solution to one of the many daily issues that can occur when situations or products are not inclusive. Frame is a bedside lamp created to give individuals with reduced hand functionality autonomy in choosing the light. 

UX research, UX design, product design, inclusive design

Co-designing Social Media

Media has historically coevolved with the user and it is the designer’s responsibility to include the user in the design process to proceed with a healthy design evolution of social media platforms.

The goal of the workshops was for the teenagers to re-imagine alternative functions on social media platforms that address unhealthy digital behavior and social interactions e.g. cyberbullying.

UX research, UX design, workshops,
co-design, communication technology

Across languages

Asylum applicants arrive in new countries with new traditions, cultures, and customs. By only reading about different cultures and traditions, we will not necessarily see what’s described in books out on the field, especially if the cultural or traditional norms are placed in an unfamiliar setting. We can never be in a neutral cultural standpoint, as our interpretation of the world is based on our own cultural background.

In this project, we created a public grill, as we took the opportunity of using the abilities that preparing and eating food has when it comes to bringing people together and based the design decisions on ethnographic research made through workshops, interactions, and observations.

UX research, UX design, workshops, product design




For a significant portion of my life, I have been curious about human behavior and have, through design, found a way to express my curiosity.
Having a good understanding of human behavior is essential for good design. As a designer, my goal is to reach out to a target group that is as wide as possible and to include people throughout the design process.
The subject areas of human-centered design and inclusive design are thus of major interest to me.

As part of my design process, I always do extensive qualitative and quantitative research about and with the user to "step inside the user's shoes" so to unfold potential issues and opportunities in a designed system, service,
or product. By involving the user in an iterative design process,
to not base any design choices on external assumptions, my aim is to create sustainable experiences.












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Adobe Illustator





Basic knowledge in HTML and CSS






Name: Alexandra Maria Veskoukis

Date of birth: 20 / August / 1988

Language: Swedish/ Norwegian/ English/ Greek

Interests: Walking in the forest with the dog free, freestyle cooking with spices , LAN Age of Empires with my brother and my man, and fishing.



Freelance illustrator and UI designer

Norway & Sweden   20015- 2021

As a side gig next to studies, work and freetime, I have created brochures, posters, webpages and illustrations for companies such as  Floating Oslo, The Dubliner Oslo,  CrossFit Gripen and Funktionsrätt Sverige.

Personal assistant

HAV AS, Norway   2008- 2019

I have worked as a personal assistant for many years, both full- and part-time. My responsibilities the last few years was to find, design and redesign solutions to enhance functionality in daily activities for a person with reduced mobility and to help run his own bicycle company; Bergodal. The duties consisted of both administrative and practical pre- and afterwork.

Universal Design Mapper,

Norway   2018

I was responsible for mapping universal design according to the Norwegian government's action plan for increased accessibility and universal design in public places. The work was independent and had a clear pre-determined framework.

Assisting College Teacher at Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Science,

Norway   2017

Assisted the ceramic lecturer at OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University, institute for product design, where my task was to guide first-year product design students in practical and theoretical ceramic design work.

Student assistant at

Oslo and Akershur University College of Applied Science,

Norway  2016

As a part of a team of three, I was employed in a pilot project by my university to act as a line of communication between faculty and exchange students.


During my full-time studies between 2013-2017, I have worked part-time as a bartender at the Irish pub The Dubliner. As a bartender, you constantly meet people with unique stories who go through different life situations. As a large part of the job was to be there as an airbag, a friend, and sometimes to calm down anxious situations, one must have good social antennae.


Malmö Unviersity

Masters of Science in Interaction Design

2019 - 2021

Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Science

Bachelors of Science in Product Design

2014 - 2017

Einar Granum Foundation year in Art

2013 - 2014



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