Alexandra Veskoukis

With a focus on inclusive design, human-centered design & communication

User Experience expert 



For a significant portion of my life, I have been curious of human behavior and have, through design found a way to express my curiosity. Having a good understanding of human behavior is essential for good design. As a designer my goal is to reach out to a target group that is as wide as possible and to include people throughout the design process.

The subject areas of human-centered design, universal design, and inclusive design are thus of major interest for me.

Earlier in my life, I have worked with people with different disabilities, it was then a clear picture of

the quantity and quality of the products adapted for people with special needs revealed itself to me. Many of the assistive devices that maintain or improve an individual’s autonomy can be stigmatizing and alienating for the user. By designing inclusive and/or universally designed systems, services, and products, we design to include people.

I believe that good design should be available for everyone.


- Qualitative and quantitative user

- User stories ans uder role describtion

- Conceptualization

- Physical, Digital or Interactive service,
   system or product prototyping

- Usability testing and evaluation


Adobe Illustator





My Values





Name: Alexandra Maria Veskoukis

Date of birth: 20 / August / 1988

Language: Swedish/ Norwegian/English/ Greek

Favorite Friends character: Ross



Personal assistant

HAV AS, Norway - 2008- 2019

I have worked as a personal assistant for many years, both full- and part-time. My responsibilities the last few years was to find, design and redesign solutions to enhance functionality in daily activities for a person with reduced mobility and to help run his own bicycle company; Bergodal. The duties consisted of both administrative and practical pre- and afterwork.

Universal Design Mapper,

Norway - 2018

 I was responsible for mapping universal design according to the Norwegian government's action plan for increased accessibility and universal design in public places. The work was independent and had a clear pre-determined framework.

Assisting College Teacher at Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Science,

Norway - 2017

In autumn 2017 I assisted the ceramic lecturer at OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University, institute for product design, where my task was to guide first-year product design students in practical and theoretical ceramic design work.

Student assistant at

Oslo and Akershur University College of Applied Science,

Norway -2016

As a part of a team of three, I was employed in a pilot project by my university to act as a line of communication between faculty and exchange students.


During my full-time studies between 2013-2017, I have worked part-time as a bartender at the Irish pub The Dubliner, which is known for the staff's ability to create good relationships with guests. As a bartender, you meet many people with different stories who go through different life situations. As a large part of the job was to be there as an airbag, a friend, and sometimes to calm down anxious situations, one must have good social antennae


Malmö Unviersity

Masters of Science in Interaction Design

2019 - current

Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Science

Bachelors of Science in Product Design

2014 - 2017

Einar Granum Foundation year in Art

2013 - 2014



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